Craving for Paella? Try Project Paella Along F. Torres Street, Davao City

Hola! Bienvenidos! Let's try a little español this time, thanks to one of Spain's famous dishes that a new store in Davao is now offering locally- Paella by Project Paella located along F. Torres Street.

With my colleagues, Shaila and Kei, whenever we can, we always to try to eat at different places near our workplace. So far we have tried a few good ones. Japanese, Korean, Indian, Chinese and many other restaurants and food cafes are found almost everywhere in this beautiful city. And despite the tons of selections that we can find from shopping malls and in many other places around, there are still more and more that are being established and tried to offer something new up to this date. One of those is this tiny resto that just recently opened called Project Paella.

I have been seeing this place for months now but I never had the courage to come in by myself. Thankfully, Kei suggested this place, she knows a lot of where-to-eat places in the city. So Shaila and I did not think twice to say yes right away. We have together tried Korean, Japanese, Chinese and some other dishes before, but Spanish or Paella? Not yet. Hopefully we can also experience some Indian restaurants in the near future.

As the name suggests, this Project Paella's main dish is Paella and they offer this in four different variants. Valenciana (Spanish chorizo, chicken, shrimp, squid), Negra (squid ink, Spanish chorizo, and squid), Mariscos (shrimp, squid, fresh fish), and Carne (Tuguegarao chorizo, steak, chicken) versions of Paella. See their menu below for a quick reference of some other things they offer and the pricing.

So we ordered Negra and Mariscos and one from the tapas menu called Salpicao. Needless to say, we were all satisfied with what we ordered especially the Salpicao that tasted really good. We will definitely return to this place again have the rest of the menu.

Aside from the food items, what I liked about this place is its simple yet modern-looking set up with a touch of some Spanish experience. And by that, I mean, you are greeted with "Hola!" wording embedded on the floor right below the door and the restroom is labeled as "baño". Apart from those, nothing more, the staff don't even welcome you in Spanish language like what they do at Kaizen Japanese resto, still I liked those simple touches.

Project Paella is located at the corner of Mabini and F. Torres Street alongside Cafe Demitasse. You can checkout their  Facebook page here.

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