GOYO: Ang Batang Heneral Trailer is Here

The sequel to 2015's Heneral Luna biopic created by director Jerrold Tarog titled "GOYO: Ang Batang Heneral" is finally coming to our favorite movie theaters this year. And today, fans who have been waiting to have an official first look at this next installment have something big to get excited about - the trailer. Watch it below.

GOYO: Ang Batang Heneral follows the story of the young Filipino general during the Philippine-American war named Gregorio Del Pilar also known as Goyo, hence the title.

As the trailer confirms, the events of Goyo directly follows of what took place in the first. And from what we see in this teaser, and since this is basically created by the same people behind Heneral Luna, we can see and feel the same tone the first installment unleashed, from the musical score, cinematography, down to the script, no doubt it is going to be a success as well when it is released later this year.

Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral will be released on September 5, 2018 nationwide.

Source: Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral (Facebook page)

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