You Can Now "Mute" Instagram Users Without Unfollowing Them

On a recent blog post, Instagram shared that users from around the world will now be able to mute posts and stories from Instagram users without the need of unfollowing them through a new feature called "Mute". 

This is one of the features that I think a lot of Instagram users have been wanting to see on the platform. It is very useful as there are really times some users don't want to see some posts from people they follow but do not want to unfollow them at the moment.

To do the muting, first make sure that your Instagram app is up to date and all you have to do is simply press the options icon ( ... ) right at the corner of the post and from there a pop up window will show up with multiple selections including the "Mute" function. Select Mute and you will be given two more options, mute the posts or posts and story.

Once an account is muted you won't be seeing their posts or stories anymore in your feed, but you can still see all of their photos and videos when you visit their profile. Of course, you can unmute them anytime you want. And obviously, users will not be notified that a follower has muted them.

If you have already updated your Instagram account and still do not see this new feature, you may need to wait a little longer as it may take a couple of weeks for the complete rollout.

Source: Instagram

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