PayMaya QR Payment System Coming to Super8 Soon

Very soon shopping at Super8's more than 68 branches nationwide will be more convenient and faster than ever, thanks to its recent partnership with the leading digital payment service provider, Paymaya Philippines.

This is because the innovative PayMaya QR, the latest feature on the PayMaya app that allows users to pay a merchant-partner by simply scanning their QR code, will soon be deployed at all Super8 branches. This will greatly impact the amount of time all shoppers spend waiting in line just to pay their purchases. All they have to do is scan the Super8's QR code situated at each counter station using their PayMaya app on their Android or iOS smartphone.

"At the heart of everything we do is our customers, we want their experience to be as seamless and convenient as possible whenever they  shop at Super8 stores. By offering PayMaya QR at our checkout counters, all they need to pay for their groceries is their mobile phones and the PayMaya app, and our cashiers don't have to worry about giving out change anymore," said Alvin Lim, CEO of Super 8. 

"Super8 has grown to be a formidable player in the grocery warehouse business, thanks mostly to affordable pricing and innovative experiences available to its customers. Through PayMaya QR, this experience is made even better and more convenient for all Super8 shoppers, because their mobile phones can now act as their wallets," added Orlando B. Vea, President and CEO at PayMaya Philippines. 

In addition to this announcement that really promises a much better shopping experience at Super8 branches, customers can also expect exclusive perks and promos whenever they use the PayMaya QR feature to pay for their grocery. This perks and promos will be officially announced in the coming weeks.

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