Php9 For 3 Months of Spotify Premium Promo is Back!

One of Spotify's best promotional offers is back! Three months of Spotify Premium subscription for only Php9.00.

With Spotify Premium, users will be able to enjoy unlimited skips on mobile version of the service, play any song they like, no advertisement interruption, and download songs for offline listening.

There is just a quick catch though like any other offers of Spotify such as these, this promo is eligible for users who have not tried Spotify Premium yet. So if you have taken advantage of Spotify's any previous promos and have tried at least one month of the premium service, this Php9 promo is not for you anymore.

One of the great things about premium subscription or taking advantage of this promo is that users can still cancel their subscription any time they want without incurring any early termination fees or any other penalties.

Once the promo expires and users still would like to continue with the Spotify Premium, monthly fee would be Php129.

To sign up for the promo and only pay Php9 for the next three months, you may visit this link.

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