Short Film: A Samurai Warrior Fighting Zombies in Feudal Japan Era

If there is one zombie-infected movie I would like to see in the big screens right now, it definitely would be like this short film where a Samurai warrior (or a group of them perhaps) facing a horde of the undead and slicing each one of them one by one with their super sharp katana swords, set up in feudal Japan, and most of all in black and white palette.  It's called the Sword of the Dead. 

Sword of the Dead is set in feudal Japan that follows a ronin who returns home from exile to find the island he once knew plagued by a dark curse and overrun by zombies or the undead.

It is not a full feature movie though, at least as of yet, but is a short film with runtime of almost eight minutes in total. Though that really short, I guess this one was extremely well done and was able to deliver us the idea or concept or feel that the creator wanted us to encounter. If this will become a movie, I will definitely watch it in cinemas.

Apart from the finished production above, you can also check out its Behind the Scenes clip posted below that creator Stephen Vitale's team released on his YouTube channel the same day as the short film.

The Sword of the Dead was written, directed, produced, and edited by Stephen Vitale. Like many of the commenters on the film's YouTube page including myself, the creators hope to expand this masterpiece more and perhaps become a full-length movie in the future. 

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