Gundam Live Action Movie is in the Works

Gundam scene from Ready Player One

I got pretty excited when a Gundam suit made a very quick yet epicly awesome surprise appearance in Ready Player One movie during the final act. It was so awesome that I unconsciously wished for a live action movie adaptation of it in the very near future. Well, it seems some gods have heard my geeky prayers as a Gundam movie has just been announced to be in the works right now.

Legendary Entertainment and Sunrise (Japanese animation studio and Gundam's creator) are teaming up to produce a new Gundam live action movie adaptation. This news was officially announced by these two companies at the recent Anime Expo 2018 event in Los Angeles last week. Though as of yet, there are no hired actors, writers, or even directors for the said project.

Now for fans, especially the hardcore ones, the main concern we have is if they are going to produce the kind of Gundam live action movie adaptation that we want and deserve. Of course we cannot provide a clearer expectations for now since a ton of details surrounding the project is still lacking. However, I do not know if this only-available information is going to help us or what, but in case you are not aware, Legendary Entertainment through producer Cale Boyter also had a big hand in realizing the Pacific Rim: Uprising film. Cale Boyter will be overseeing this project together with the a team from Sunrise. For some, through what they have seen in Pacific Rim: Uprising, this is a bit worrying while others are kind of okay, at least for now.

Apart from this newly announced Gundam movie, Legendary has also a couple of current and upcoming films under its banner such as the Skyscaper which is coming out this month, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Detective Pikachu currently in post production phase, and Godzilla vs Kong being prepared to start production soon.

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