Starbucks Will Completely Get Rid of Plastic Straw Use by 2020

Starbucks will begin banning the use of plastic straws at its over 28,000 stores around the globe. The coffee chain plans to completely eliminate the use of plastic straws by 2020 across all the stores according to their most recent announcement. And when this is fully rolled out by then, the company said it will save over a 1 billion straws per year which currently most end up either in landfills or ocean.

As an alternative, Starbucks will replace it with either recyclable strawless lids aka adult sippy cup lids or highly recyclable straws with alternative materials. This transition has already begun at some Starbucks stores and the rollout will further reach more branches around the globe towards the year 2020.

In case you have been living under a rock, plastic pollution, especially in the marine environment, has become one of the the most talked about world issues in the past few months thanks to the environmentalists, enthusiasts, and concerned citizens' passion for continuously educating the world on how bad these plastic materials are affecting the life of these wild animals.

Starbucks is just one of the new companies to join this global advocacy, and through this new milestone, we expect that more and more companies will also follow suit. Some government bodies have already released their respective orders on banning use of plastic straws.

One of the cases that helped this movement get off the ground is through a video that went viral where a marine biologist is shown pulling out a plastic straw from a sea turtle's nose, which you can watch below. Be warned though that it is a very graphic and heartbreaking video to watch.

Another video below courtesy of Kurzgesagt, one of the best YouTube channels we can find now in the platform, gives us more details on this plastic pollution issue that we are facing right now and how we can possibly help in at least minimizing its effect on the environment, the wild life, and on us.

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