We Can Now Claim Western Union Remittances Directly Into Our Paymaya Accounts

In partnership with Western Union, PayMaya users from anywhere in the Philippines can now choose to receive their Western Union domestic or international remittances directly into their PayMaya accounts without the need to personally go to a WU branch. As long as users have their upgraded PayMaya account with them and have access to the internet, they can claim money sent to them with it via Western Union anytime and anywhere.

"Our aim is to offer seamless money transfers for all," said Bassem Awada, Western Union's Regional Vice President for Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Brunei. "This means reaching out to customers across all channels including mobile. Filipinos can now choose digital pay-out on their Paymaya mobile wallet in addition to visiting a Western Union Agent location to pick up cash."

"The collaboration with Western Union drives even greater financial inclusion for our families across the country," said Orlando B. Vea, President and CEO of PayMaya Philippines. "All they need to receive their Western Union money transfer via PayMaya is their mobile phones: it's convenient, quick and easy and allows them to save time and money for other more important things."

How to Claim Western Union money using PayMaya app

If you are a PayMaya user like myself and someone sends you money through Western Union, this new partnership between these two financial service provider giants will greatly benefit us, will make our lives easier and save us more time and effort in the process. So how to do this? First, make sure that your PayMaya account is upgraded. It is very easy to upgrade, it has no additional charge, and you can do it within the app itself. (Read more here).

To do the claiming, simply open your Paymaya mobile app and tap Add Money from the default home screen and then select Western Union in the next screen. From there, you will be asked to provide the 10-Digit Money Transfer Control Number or MTCN which is provided to you by your money sender. Click Continue, confirm the transaction details on the next display, and then tap Receive. After that, simply wait for the in-app and SMS confirmation of the successful receipt of your remittance. For more details, you can visit Paymaya website here.

According to PayMaya Philippines, the money can be received in your Paymaya account "within minutes" after claiming.

It is also important to take note that PayMaya accounts can only receive up to $500 or about Php25,000 per transaction or a total of $1,500 (around Php75,000) per day, or up to a maximum PayMaya wallet capacity of $2,000 (Php100,000) per month.

Once the funds is now reflected in your PayMaya account, you can now use to shop online, pay bills, purchase discounted mobile prepaid loads, do funds transfers, as well as withdraw from ATM machines using the physical Paymaya card.

Note: This post has been updated to reflect more accurate details on PayMaya and Western Union partnership about this new service.

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