Samsung Galaxy Note9 Promotional Video Accidentally Published on YouTube

In a little over a week, the Korean electronics giant, will finally launch its most talked-about and leaked Samsung Galaxy Note9 smartphone through an Unpacked event set to take place in New York on August 9th. However, some of the company's branches appear to be so eager in dropping the bomb way ahead of the official announcement as Samsung New Zealand seemed to accidentally published the phablet's now-deleted promotional video on its YouTube channel.

As you can see in the video clip above, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 focuses more on the S-Pen's new features and capabilities, the battery's longer life, and on the larger storage capacity which it says "1 terabyte ready".

The intro video of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 also confirms previous rumors and leaks regarding the yellowish-colored S-Pen that will reportedly come with the same blue variant of the Note9. Now since this leak came directly from Samsung itself, we can now certainly say that this is the official look of the Note9, yes very similar to last year's Note8. And yes, it still has the 3.5mm audiojack port, thank goodness!

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