Video Highlight: Smart Powers Davao City's Kadayawan Festival 2018

Kadayawan Festival is one of the busiest, most colorful, and most visited celebrations in Davao City. Hundreds of thousands of local and international travelers come to the city not just to experience the festival itself, but also the culture, tourist spots, as well as local food varieties that the region has to offer. While enjoying all these things, most people share their experiences on their social media accounts almost real time.

The only problem that  might occur here and interrupt the Kadayawan Festival experience is the slow internet data connection due to tons of people accessing the network all at the same time. Thankfully for Davao City, that was not the issue as Smart Communications Inc boosted connectivity for Dabawenyos in time for Davao's Kadayawan Festival.

Back in 2016, Smart began expanding the load capacity and coverage of its LTE coverage in the city. That made Davao one of the first cities in the Philippines to be almost fully covered with LTE connectivity. According to Smart itself, there is about 93% of the city's cell sites are now LTE-equipped. And internal tests recorded blazingly fast download speeds between 17mbps and 22mbps.

Last but not least, Smart and PLDT also provided free wifi access to festival zones in the city such as San Pedro Square, Rizal Park, Magsaysay Park, People's Park, and Quezon Park, as well as Davao City's historical sites like Sta Ana Port and the City Hall.

Happy #SmartKadayawan 2018!
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