Watch: If Thor Ragnarok Were Made in Japan

Both anime and Marvel fan will definitely love this "best anime opening clip"featuring the best scenes from the recent Thor: Ragnarok movie.

I spotted this video last night while going through my Facebook newsfeed as one of my FB friends was tagged when it was shared from an anime-centric Facebook page called S e k a i  R e q u i e m. The caption that says "Perfect anime opening doesn't exi--" caught my attention. Intrigued  by the caption, being an MCU fan, and have seen a good number of famous anime series since the 90s, I immediately clicked play button and below is what I saw. 

Needless to say, it is definitely one of the best and epicly awesome parody videos I have seen so far fashioned similarly to the way anime series and movies' opening theme songs/clips are created. And it does worth a share to the internet-verse especially to the fans of anime and Marvel Cinematic Universe alike.  

It is not clear who really made this awesome video clip since it was not mentioned anywhere in the video nor in the caption, so I am assuming it was created by the same Facebook page admin itself where it is hosted.

But in case you know who did create this clip, please share it in the comments below so we can acknowledge them and probably see more of their best creations. Alright?

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