Nintendo Switch Pikachu and Eevee Limited Edition Announced

Nintendo Switch is no doubt the hottest handheld gaming console right now in the international gaming market. Tons and tons of famous games are also coming to the platform which makes it even more attractive to more gamers-on-the-go around the globe. Today, Nintendo has just unveiled a special Pokemon: Let's Go-themed Switch.

The Nintendo Switch variant or bundle, besides featuring Pikachu and Eevee as the Joy-Con design, also comes with a Poke Ball Plus and a dock that both feature the two title Pokemon characters. Also, it will come in two versions in terms of pre-installed games, and that's either Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu or Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee.

The official retail pricing for this Switch has been announced at $400, and availability will be later this year on November 16th, the same day the mentioned Pokemon Let's Go games' release date.
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