RealMe, A sub-brand of OPPO, is coming to the Philippines as well

At least according to what Revu website has just spotted two days ago on Facebook, OPPO's newly launched sub-brand called RealMe appears to be coming to the Philippines as well real soon.

It is important to note that OPPO nor RealMe itself has not published  any teaser yet on their respective channels, plus it also seems that RealMe is operating completely separately from OPPO even though they are under the same umbrella. But what makes this report a bit more valid is based on what Revu spotted on RealMe's official Facebook page, where apart from India where its devices are currently and exclusively being launched in, there are other southeast Asian countries too and Philippines is one of them.

Aside from India, RealMe is also set to launch the RealMe 2 series in Indonesia on October 9. It has just also been confirmed that markets in the Middle East will also see the arrival of this smartphone soon.

As of posting, there are already a total of four RealMe smartphones that are out and to be released on the market. The very first one was launched just in May of this year which was the RealMe 1, then just last month was the  RealMe 2, and this week RealMe 2 Pro and RealMe C1 smartphones.  

Source: Revu
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