Shane Filan Serenades Westlife Fans in Davao

Why the crappy photo?

If there was one regret that I had while watching Shane Filan do the concert here in Davao for the very first time, that would be not having a much better camera with me to document my experience. You can definitely tell that on the photo I shared above. But on the other side, I was fully able to experience it. And by that, I mean, watching him sing without holding my phone or camera in front of me making sure to video and take good photos as much as I could. But I wish I really did. Of course I had my phone with me, but it was not doing good in capturing those images and clips due to not so good performance in the lighting condition of the concert and to the fact that I was quite far from the stage. But I could see him and what he was singing or doing on the stage perfectly clear, so I just decided to experience the moment and be like really there watching the Shane Filan concert that I will probably not experience again.

Being a Westlife fan myself since their very first single, Swear It Again, came out almost  20 years ago, it's a no brainer to say that I was very excited the moment I heard about Shane Filan having a concert in this part of the Philippines in the south. While of course it would be much much superb seeing all of the Westlife members having a concert here, Shane still was able to deliver the Westlife feels we deserve. Those Westlife hits that he sang such as Swear It Again, Uptown Girl, World of Our Own, Flying Without Wings, and If I Let You Go, felt like brand new songs once again to the ears with the surge of nostalgia feelings streaming on my mind.

Now this is where kind of an embarrassing part for me, since Westlife broke up, and Shane Filan started his solo career, I almost never checked out Shane Filan's own songs. Not even on YouTube nor Spotify, perhaps I thought because it would not have that appeal to me anymore knowing that it was only him and knowing that the band had already decided to quit Westlife. But when he started singing his own songs like the Everything To Me, Knee Deep in My Heart, and About You on stage, I realized I was wrong. I liked them right then and there. Shane, his voice, and style still got me just like the whole band did back then with every one of their songs. Needless to say, I am currently listening to Shane Filan's playlist on YouTube, like right now.

Now what about the crowd? 

The crowd was crazy, especially the ladies. Everyone was filled with excitement and was having a lot of fun. Boys and girls, men and women, single or not, from front to the back, all of us sang along all the time. But among the audience, one girl got even luckier and happier, and pretty sure most ladies were jealous of her. Why? Well, she just got picked by Shane to come on stage with him to have a couple of hugs, photos (including a selfie), and sign the banner she was carrying. Lucky girl, indeed.

And perhaps one of the best moments at the concert was when Shane requested everyone to light up the flash on their smartphones while singing You Raise me Up. I have seen this kind of thing on many of Westlife's concert videos on YouTube, it looks super pretty to watch, but much even better experiencing it myself.

That was the closest thing to Westlife I could ever have, maybe at least for now. But hopefully, Westlife will still have one last reunion concert in the Philippines sometime in the future. And if and when that happens, I hope to be there again whether it's in Manila or here in Davao.

It was an awesome experience, thank to Shane Filan for coming here and thanks to all the concert organizers (Wilbros Live and Davao Concert Scene) that made this possible.
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