A Fan Recreates the Star War IV: A New Hope Trailer in 80s Anime Style

Star Wars franchise, especially the release of A New Hope, perhaps was one of the most influential films in the sci-fi and fantasy movie genre both in films and anime. 41 years later, it is still of the franchise's most praised movies both by fans and critics. And speaking of fans, a Russian creator has re-created the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in anime format. Not only that, it is in the style of anime back in the 80s. Come and take a look at the trailer embedded below.

This animator and creator is named Dmitry Grozov aka Ahriman. And his fan made trailer was published on his channel only on September 20th, but as of today, it has already racked up almost  330K views. Based on people's reactions in the comment sections, many of them are hoping this one to become a full anime movie in the future simply because of how good it is made.

Not only the anime version trailer has given us nostalgia feelings for the original Star Wars trilogy but also for those animes that were released in the 80s. This trailer is not actually a shot-by-shot recreation of the original, but it looks way pretty good as it gives us most iconic scenes from the movie such as the two moons of Tatooine, the Cantina, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader's quick yet memorable battle and more.
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