Starbucks' Celestial Siren-Themed Anniversary Collection is Here

The "Celestial Beauty of the Undersea " collection is Starbucks' official merchandise lineup for its anniversary celebration this year. This limited edition collection is comprised of the hotly-anticipated Celestial Siren-sporting tumblers, water bottles, mugs, and card. And they are now available in the Philippines.

Ever since Starbucks opened its doors to the world in 1971, the Siren has been the company's enduring logo that invites customers inside its stores across the world. Today, even as the smiling baristas hand over our handcrafted beverages, we see the iconic image at the center of the cup, a symbol that promises not just great coffee experience but also great moments of connection.

Taken from the Norse woodcut from an old maritime book, the two-tailed siren pays homage to the seafaring history of Seattle as a port city and the journey of coffee itself, which until today is often being transported across the seas.

This month of September, Starbucks re-imagines the biggest symbol of its brand with the release of the limited edition Anniversary Collection. Themed the "Celestial Beauty of the Undersea", the artwork has ethereal qualities with the siren swimming in the sea of stars.

As for its Anniversary Blend which started in 1996 to commemorate its 25th year, Starbucks celebrates its legacy of coffee roasting, blending expertise and craftsmanship with a bold fusion of aged Sumatra, Papua New Guinea and Indonesian coffees blended together and roasted. The result is a complex and full-bodied cup with spicy and earthy flavors that surprises with each sip. Available in whole bean and VIA format.

Along with the anniversary blend is the Special Anniversary Collection which includes a wide array of merchandise catered to varied tastes. As part of its celestial theme, the line features a palette of cool shades of the blue and while with hints of copper. The Siren artwork engages customers with its playful and alluring deep-sea elements, and provides a layer of whimsy to the collection.

Another tribute to the mythical sea creature is the limited edition Anniversary Blend Card that sports the siren's blue-green and tail with copper gold detailing that comes with a minimum activation of Php500.

Simply visit your favorite Starbucks store to purchase any of these new and cool merchandise. Again these are now available nationwide. 
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