Where to Eat in Davao City? Try at the Katipunan Diner

Davao City, especially in the downtown area, has already a lot places to eat at. It's like every month we have new food establishment here being opened. But if you are that someone who have tried almost every one of them and still wanting to try something new that you know you have not, perhaps The Katipunan Diner along Bonifacio Street is the one. Or maybe you are just that one who is having a hard time deciding where to eat, you may want to give this place a visit.

On October 13, Tuna Bruh'To, one of the food stalls at the new food establishment called The Katipunan Diner invited Davao Bloggers Society to try some of their food offerings. I myself together with a few fellow DBS members, went there to check out what they have in store for us.

I addition to Tuna Bruh'To, some other stores there also joined the party and shared us some of their main dish offerings from their respective menu. Some of them who joined are FryMe, Pachoos, KKK, HotPlates, ZGer, WorthTea, and Foodbowls. Watch my quick vlog below and see what food items we shared together.

To learn more about the place, its current line up of food stalls,and its future offerings, you may follow The Katipunan Diner on Facebook.
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