A White Variant of Samsung Galaxy Note9?

The latest S-Pen equipped smartphone from Samsung the Galaxy Note9 has been released around the world for a few weeks now. Since announcement, there have been four colors available for us to choose from, there are Copper, Purple, Blue, and Midnight Black. And those are about to be joined by a new one if this latest leak is proven to be authentic.

Evan Blass, the notorious tech tipster from Twitter has just posted a brand new photo of the popular flagship device from Samsung in a new color - white. However, this time around, he does not claim this to be a real deal like most of  his previous leaks, instead he is kind of doubting this latest tip that he received from unknown source and asking Photoshop masters to double check if this is legit and not a just a product of photo manipulations.

Actually, this is not the very first time a white variant of Galaxy Note 9 was leaked. Back in July there were some online publications reported about the Galaxy Note 9 in white being leaked a few days prior to the August announcement, but that particular variant did not really see the light of day. Maybe this time around though, who knows. I think a white version of the Galaxy Note 9 is going to be a perfect one for the upcoming Christmas holiday season for so many users around the globe.
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