Diablo Immortal Coming to Android and iOS Soon

Mobile gaming is no doubt has stated to shape up as many smartphone makers now releasing their gaming-focused devices. ASUS ROG Phone is just one of the latest of those to hit the smartphone market especially here in the Philippines to accommodate serious and hardcore mobile gamers. Now even game developers have started launching their more serious games to the mobile platform, one of the latest to join the club is Blizzard Entertainment.

Blizzard, though the BlizzCon 2018 event, announced that the Diablo: Immortal mobile game is soon coming to Android and iOS devices around the globe and according to them it is going to be a "full-fledged action RPG" mobile experience.

The game has been developed by Blizzard in partnership with NetEase, which is the same firm behind the creation of "Rules of Survival" a game similar to PUBG. According to Blizzard, they developed this Diablo Immortal game for mobile devices "from the ground up" and that the events here will take place between Diablo II and Diablo III.

Diablo Immortal will feature six different type of characters such as Necromancer, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard, and Barbarian which are customization.

We don't know yet as to when the game will be available to everyone. But as of today, per-registration is already on-going over at http://www.diabloimmortal.com/. If you are interested, you may sign up. 
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