First Teaser Trailer for "The Lion King" Live Action Remake is Here

Disney just surprised everyone of its fans during the Thanksgiving in the US as they unexpectedly released a teaser trailer for its live action movie remake of The Lion King. It is one-and-a-half minute trailer, not too short and not too long either but it showcases all the iconic shots and characters from the original 1994 animated film.

This remake of The Lion King is of course produced by Walt Disney Pictures and is directed by none other than Jon Favreau, the same film director behind the cameras of 2016's The Jungle Book live action and 2008's Iron Man movies. So if you have seen at least those two of his creations, then we can definitely relax now and stop worrying that they might ruin our childhood memories of the original The Lion King back in the days. I definitely enjoyed his Jungle Book movie, I almost had no complaint about it, and since both that one and this Lion King use photorealistic cinematography, and that the this teaser looks awesome and exciting so far, I think Jon Favreau will will still deliver.

Apart from the high-profile director for this high profile Disney franchise, it is also a star studded remake. We have Donald Glover as Simba himself, Beyonce as Nala, Simba's mother, and James Earl Jones reprising his role as Mufasa. Doing the musical score is also none other than Hans Zimmerman.

This film will be out in July next year.

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