LG Working on a Smartphone with 16 Rear Cameras?

Image: LetsGoDigital

Based on the most recent patent application submitted by LG Electronics, according to documents spotted by LetsGoDigital, the company is working on or at least planning on creating a smartphone with 16 cameras on the rear panel. Yes 16 lenses arranged in a 4x4 formation as you can see in the illustration on the image above.

As of today, the smartphone with most number of rear cameras is currently being crowned to the newly launched Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018, and it has four of them on the back. The much rumored and leaked Nokia 9 is said to sport 5 rear cameras. So if this patent from LG is proved to be accurate and if LG would eventually launch this product, then it would definitely be a huge jump in terms of smartphone camera photography scene. Of course, along with this new implementation will come with a ton of questions from fans and enthusiasts asking about what features or new technology that this 16 camera-equipped smartphone would bring into the table. Like, do we really need a smartphone with these crazy amount of camera lenses?

So put this in current perspective, devices with more than one cameras on the rear sport different functionalities for each of the lens. For example with the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018, there are four of them right? The main shooter is pegged at 24MP, secondary one with 10MP that features telephoto with 2x optical zoom, a third with 8MP and is an ultrawide lens with 120-degree field of view, and a fourth 5MP for live focus. In other smartphones from various brands, secondary cameras on the rear are either with Depth of Field or Monochrome functionality for added photography details.

So for a sixteen lenses, what could possibly be there? I remember reading one of the comments from the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 launch that sarcastically says something like, "in the future we'll have more and more camera lenses on a smartphone's rear and each will have functions like monochrome, telephoto, depth of field, filters, wide angle, fish eye, live beautification, optical zoom, etc." I am not saying that's going to be the case for this LG phone, but it's a possibility right? Whatever the case is, the main questions are why and do we really need it? I guess we will all find out once or if this product goes live and out in the open.

But according to the patent, here are a few things we can expect to do with this particular technology from LG.

- Create a moving 3D pictures
- More freedom to tweak the photos since 16 lenses will enable to capture more data
- Take a photo of something or selfie of someone with multiple angles or perspectives
- Cutout a subject and replace with something that other lenses captured

At the end of the day, it is still a patent. And not all patent applications end up being actual consumer products or sometimes taking a long time to be developed into the real world. Putting in 16 cameras on a smartphone is going to be a titanic engineering challenge even for giant manufacturers like LG. 

Source: LetsGoDigital

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