Sony to Finally Announce the PlayStation 5 in Mid-2019?

Sony is to finally unveil its upcoming gaming console currently being referred to as the PlayStation 5. Well that at least according to the latest rumors that we have been lately hearing from around the web. Last week, a Reddit user under the handle RuthenicCookie4, leaked earlier that Sony was going to skip next year's E3 event and that turned out to be accurate as Sony announced it later on. Today, the same leaker also reported that PS5 will be launched in the middle of 2019.

As of today, it is already confirmed by Sony's President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida himself that a next generation of PlayStation gaming console is already in the works. That said, the only question we have, or one of the biggest we have at least for now, is WHEN IS IT GOING TO COME OUT?

Not only the PlayStation 5's arrival was mentioned by the same Reddit user, it also said that the PSVR 2 is also coming. According to RuthenicCookie4, the initial PS5 announcement will happen in mid-2019 and then a full launch will take place after at the PlayStation Experience (PSX) event. And then finally, the PlayStation 5 will be officially released either in March or November of 2020.

Furthermore, the unconfirmed report claimed that most game developers already have access to the development kits in which RuthenicCookie4 said "it's a monster".

While all these new happenings (Sony skipping E3 2019) and latest leaks that are just coming out in the public, and knowing that Sony itself has commented that PS4 is nearing its life cycle and that a new gaming console is being worked on, apparently suggest that Sony is about to launch the PlayStation 5, things and the company's plans may still change at any given moment. So having that said, we should still take every single detail of it with a grain of salt until everything is fully official.

But hey, if you plan to buy or upgrade to the PS5 when it finally comes out, you still have more time to enjoy the current PS4 and its library of games and at the same time save up for the PlayStation 5. I heard its native resolution will be in 4K, so you might also want to start saving up for 4K TVs to get the best out of this upcoming gaming console.

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