YouTube App For Nintendo Switch is Rumored to Finally Arrive Soon

Image: Nintendo
Based on recent reports, rumors, and what have been spotted online, it appears that Nintendo Switch will finally have its own YouTube application. It has been reported that some users from a forum website called ResetEra who were searching for games inside the Nintendo website received suggestions for a dedicated YouTube app for the Nintendo Switch with an estimated available date of November 8, 2018.

The product page is of course not available for viewing on the Nintendo website yet, but knowing that it has begun appearing in the suggestions or search results is already a great indication that it is finally coming to the Switch very soon.  Even a French Twitter account under NintendHOME handle tweeted the Nintendo Switch YouTube app that appeared in the suggestions, see below.

Once it does, a lot of Switch users will be happy to enjoy their handheld gaming console even more as they will be able to play and stream using the same gadget. Having a YouTube app on the Nintendo Switch will be of great help, especially for players who would like to check out a quick game tutorials on YouTube or simply watch gameplays or trailers on their Switch without the need to "switch" to other devices like tablets or smartphones to do so.

We will see if the said Nov 8 availability date is really accurate on that date. Stay tuned for more details, especially if this is one of the apps you have been waiting to arrive on your Nintendo Switch.
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