iTunes and AirPlay 2 Are Coming to Samsung Smart TVs

In case you thought this would never happen or at least not in the near future, well it is definitely happening and it is taking place in the very near future, this year. Samsung smart TV users, especially the ones with 2018 and 2019 models, will soon be able to access iTunes and AirPlay 2 apps on their TVs. This marks the first time allowing third party devices, not to mention Samsung, to have access to these apps. So it is a great news actually, most especially for these apps users who don't plan on getting an Apple TV.

The iTunes Movies and TV Shows app rollout for these Samsung TVs will be made available via software or firmware update in 100 countries around the globe, hopefully the Philippines is also included in the first batch of update. Users will also have the capability to purchase or rent contents from iTunes through their televisions.

The AirPlay 2, on the other hand, will be made available in over 190 countries worldwide. Once officially rolled out, Apple iPhone and iPad users will now be able to play or stream music, podcast, videos and photos from their devices directly to their Samsung smartTVs.

The rollout for iTunes Movies and TV Shows and AirPlay 2 integration will begin this Spring in the US.
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