Netflix is Reportedly Developing a Resident Evil Series

The remake of Resident Evil 2 game was just released last January 25 and looks like old and new fans of the franchise have been loving this version of the game. Then Netflix on January 25 also released the 6-episode Kingdom series on their platform which follows the South Korean Joseon Era plagued with zombies. And then almost on that same day, rumor about Resident Evil series is already in the works at Netflix started rolling out online.

A website called Deadline first published the report claiming that Constantin Film (the studio behind the Resident Evil movies where actress Milla Jovovich starred in) is currently working with Netflix and looking for showrunners for this said Resident Evil adaptation for the streaming platform.

The report also claimed that this series will dive deeper into the Resident Evil lore and mythos than what the fans have known from the game series and movie series. And will explore more on the true workings and agenda of the fictional Umbrella Corporations company.

As of the moment, Netflix nor Constantin Film has made the confirmation of this report yet. When it does, we will definitely know. And even if any of the two companies confirms this news, it will still take time before we see any actual materials from the show especially knowing that Netflix has a lot on its plate right now. And oh yes, Netflix is also currently working on The Witcher series starring Henry Cavill as the main character which is also based on a very successful game of the same name.

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