Huawei P30 Pro Camera Samples Shared Online and They Are Unbelievable

Huawei decided to skip this year's MWC in Barcelona, Spain to be the launching platform for their upcoming flagship devices under the P series. Instead, the Chinese electronics giant opted for their own event and place for the official launch of their much anticipated P30 and P30 Pro smartphones. The Huawei P30 Series announcement will formally happen on March 26, 2019 in Paris, France according to the press invites they sent weeks ago.

Now speaking of these yet-to-be-announced P30 and P30 Pro phones, one of the talks in the rumorverse about these devices is that Huawei is reportedly going to include either 5x or 10x lossless zoom in them. That rumor is further confirmed, or sort of, by Hauwei's executives themselves in China through their Weibo accounts.

If you can remember, a couple of weeks ago, Huawei CEO Richard Yu himself published a photo on Weibo showing the moon being zoomed into, and the amount of details that can still be observed in the image is very impressive. At some point, we have tried photographing the moon using our smartphones especially when its in full moon and we know how terrible it is all the time. But with what Richard Yu shared online is just something not to ignore. You can check out the photo here. In that "moon photo" you can see some watermarks, and although being blurred, you can definitely tell it was being captured using the Huawei P30 Pro with Leica Quad-camera.

Now below are couple of photos being shared by another Huawei executive named Bruce Lee, product manager at the company. At this instance though there is no watermark anywhere in the photos telling us which phone was used to capture these images. But what makes gadget enthusiasts think these are being taken on either a P30 Pro or a P30 smartphone is that how impressive the photos are even after being zoomed up to max level. See them below and see what I am talking about here.

What do you guys think? 

In case you wonder, these photos show the 5G tower that Huawei and Vodafone built near the Mobile World Congress venue in Barcelona.

Source: Phandroid
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