MicroSD Cards from Sandisk and Micron with 1TB Size Now A Reality

You have most likely read about Android smartphones in last couple of years being able to support microSD cards with up to 1TB capacity. The thing is, memory cards with such huge room does not really exist anywhere on the market... until today.

Thanks to Micron and Sandisk, these two companies have announced at the Mobile World Congress 2019 their upcoming external storage offerings with 1TB of space. Sandisk's microSDXC card boasts a 160MB per second read speed and 90MB per second write speed, while Micron is coming in at 100MB per second read and 95MB/s write speeds.

So how big is 1TB? In case you are kind of lost in the math here, 1TB is equivalent to 1000GB and 1GB is 1000MB. Digital content creators such as vloggers, photographers, and videographers will definitely be the first people to be happy about hearing these latest innovations from Sandisk and Micron. 

Sandisk says their 1TB card will retail for $449.99 or about Php23,000 in Philippine peso when converted and will begin shipping this April. Micron, on the other hand, has not revealed their availability and pricing yet, but will most likely arrive in the second quarter of the year. 
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