See Samsung's First Foldable Smartphone in this Leaked Promotional Video

Obtained by Slash Leaks and published on YouTube, this leaked promotional video shows what Samsung has been preparing in store for us from their mobile device division. In here we see different product and service concepts that the company could start offering very soon. And while these are really exciting, the only one that caught fans and followers' attention is the South Korean company's first foldable smartphone that is briefly shown in one of the scenes in the video clip above. 

 Apart from seeing first 5G ready smartphones, first fordable mobile phones are also going to be the trend and Samsung will be one of the companies to release one, at least according to that leaked promotional video, assuming that it's legit. We have already heard that Huawei is also planning on debuting their first foldable smartphone as well during this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month. So we'll see about that.

As you may have already know, it is officially revealed that Samsung is definitely working on a foldable smartphone, many refer to as the Galaxy F or Galaxy Fold, and it was first shown though partially, during Samsung's developer's conference a few weeks back. At the conference, Samsung said this phone will feature 7.3-inch screen with 2152 x 1536 resolution when opened or unfolded, while on the outside will have a 4.9-inch display and 1960 x 840 resolution.

And though we really do not know when the Galaxy F is finally coming, many tech enthusiasts are hoping to see it being formally launched during the upcoming MWC 2019 in Barcelona later this month. 
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