Smart Launches "FindHer" Mini Series, Watch All Episodes Here

It's the love month! Whether we like it or not, it's here and it's happening. And to celebrate this month of love and the upcoming Valentine's Day, Smart Communications has launched its first mini series titled FindHer. According to Smart, FindHer series is a modern day Filipino online love story featuring the misadventures of Aika, Gabe, and Lia.

The telecommunications giant created this web series in collaboration with Epicmedia and Bent & Buzz, and is directed by Victor Villanueva (the man behind Patay na si Hesus movie).

Below is the playlist consisting of all five FindHer episodes that Smart has dropped all together on February 9 at 12MN.

Episode 1: No Thnk U, Nxt
Episode 2: To New Beginnings?
Episode 3: Dating app 1, Humans 0
Episode 4: Is This A Prank?
Episode 5: Friends Lang Kami

This FindHer series will have a total of seven episodes. The last two episodes will be released on February 14. So if you don't want to miss that, make sure you subscribe to Smart Communications' YouTube channel to get notified once published.

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