Taste the New Triple Citrus Cold Brew and Cascara Macchiato from Starbucks Starting Today

Starting today, February 19, Starbucks Philippines is sharing the spirit of innovation with new, bold flavors and a renewed focus on cold craft. For a limited time only, again starting today, our favorite coffee shop will offer a selection of new beverages that includes the Triple Citrus Cold Brew and the new Cascara Macchiato flavors.

The Triple Citrus Cold Brew offers a fresh and sweet-citrusy take on the classic cold brew coffee as it is poured into layers of lemonade, lime, and grapefruit flavors. A slice of freeze-dried lime also makes for a fruity twist to the coffee-lemonade drink.

The Triple Citrus is only available in iced format and is priced at Php170 for Tall, Php185 for Grande, and Php200 for Venti.

The brand new Cascara Macchiato, on the other hand, is not the usual espresso beverage. Topped with cascara drizzle which provides sweetness with its subtle hints of dark brown sugar and maple, the beverage is finished with a strike of Turkish round coffee to make for an even more intense coffee experience. It will be offered in hot, iced, and blended format. Pricing is going to be Php175 for Tall, Php190 for Grande, and Php205 for Venti.

Also, fans of the Nitro Cold Brew line up will be able to enjoy the new Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew. Served straight from the tap, the Nitro Cold Brew is topped with a float of house-made sweet vanilla cream which results in a smooth and subtly-sweet cascade of velvety coffee layered with sweet cream. The Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew will be part of the core menu for stores that offer Nitro. A Tall is priced at Php190 while a Grande at Php205.

These must-try beverages will be available from February 19 until April 8, 2019 at all Starbucks stores nationwide.
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