Watch This Epic Game of Thrones x Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial Here

Budweiser definitely stole the commercials scene at this year's Super Bowl LIII when they officially released their Bud Light advertisement packaged in a Game of Thrones universe.

In the ad we are introduced to a joust competition happening somewhere in Westeros, I suppose, with the Bud Knight facing another mysterious knight which was later revealed to be the zombified version of The Mountain. The two knights clashed together leaving the Bud Knight thrown off his horse by The Mountain himself. Then The Mountain walked over the Bud Light knight while lying on the ground and then killed it in a most gruesome way, (clue: ala Oberyn Martell) off the screen. Moments later, one of Daenerys' dragons, Drogon flew overhead and and set everyone on fire.

Super Bowl is always filled with amazing and well-crafted commercials by different brands, and Budweiser is definitely at the top of the list again by teaming up with HBO and Game of Thrones to pull out this one epic of a commercial that fans of the series from around the world will absolutely love while waiting for the Game of Thrones final season which is set to begin this April. 

Now what we need more than anything else is a real deal Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer!
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