We Can Now Finally Unsend Messages Sent on Messenger

Wished there was a way to fully and really delete messages sent on Messenger? Well, wish no more as Facebook is now allowing us to completely unsend those messages whether they are sent to a single Facebook contact or to a group chat.

From now on, each user will have a 10-minute window to unsend each message they send through Messenger. After that 10-minute time, though they can still remove the message on their end, it will still remain on the recipient's end.

To use this unsend feature, all users have to do is select the particular message they would like to delete, tap "Remove" and a pop-up window would appear giving them options to "Remove for Everyone" or "Remove for You". They would want to select the Remove for Everyone so the message would completely be gone from all parties' end. Once a message is successfully deleted, the chat room will show a notification to everyone that says the message was removed.

If you still don't have this feature on your Messenger, all you have to do is update your app to the latest version.

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