Join ASUS Summer ZENsations Online Photo Contest and Win a ZenFone Live L1 Every Week

February has already ended, we are now two weeks into the month of March, and this can only mean one thing, summer is here! Perhaps you are now anticipating team outings or trips with friends and family to enjoy the summer of 2019 and planning to take as much "Instagramable" photos as possible with your smartphone. If that's where you at right now and you are a ZenFone smartphone user, you might want to join this new ASUS Summer ZENsations Online Photo Contest and have a chance to win a ZenFone Live L1 phone each week.

To join this contest, all you have to do is sign up for an account on Asus PH ZenTalk website if you haven't yet, share you photo entry on the site following a specific theme of the week with a brief description of your picture, and then share your photo on your Facebook page using the hashtags #SummerZENsations and #ZenFonexFitness (this week's theme).

To see the full mechanics of this promo, see the links to the ZenTalk site, know upcoming themes and announcements, you can simply head over to this link for more details.

You can definitely use any model and generation of ZenFone device that you have to capture photos for your entries. The more creative you are with your photos the better chances of winning.

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