Realme 3 Pro to be launched on April 22

Realme CEO itself has just made the announcement through his Twitter account about the Realme 3 Pro's launching date. It's going to be on April 22 in India. If you can remember during the Realme 3 launch last month, the CEO promised a Pro variant of this device would be coming this month of April that is poised to compete head to head with Redmi Note 7 Pro. Exciting, right?

Aside from the launch date and official name, details about the Realme 3 Pro is very scare at the moment. The company has been very good at guarding information about the phone. But if you are familiar with what the Redmi Note 7 Pro is offering, at least, you now have an idea as to how powerful and exciting it will be compared to its non-Pro variant.

What's more exciting here is that Realme is offering devices with quite powerful specs and very good camera system for prices way lower that what many expect they should be. Just take a look at the Realme C1 and the recently launched and released Realme 3, both have been doing really really good in terms of reviews and sales here in the Philippines. So far, almost every one who has used a realme device has been very satisfied with the devices' performance. It's a real value for buck of a phone.

That being said, the excitement for this Realme 3 Pro variant is definitely very high as well especially now that an official launch date has been revealed.

If you go now and visit Realme CEO Madhav Sheth's Twitter account, you will already see tons of teasers he has posted about the phone, except of course about the specs and pricing. But photo samples and the device itself shown running the Fortnite game, all posted on his Twitter.
Stay tuned for more details on the Realme 3 Pro. Hopefully it will still be priced very aggressively and won't take long before it is released in the Philippines.

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