Could these be the Pre-order Freebies that will come with the Realme 3 Pro?

realme 3
This morning I saw posts from the vloggers and bloggers I follow that Realme Philippines sent just them a package called "Gaming Mystery Box". I watched every single one of them on YouTube and boy did it make me so excited about the local release of this Realme 3 Pro.

I don't want to spoil what's inside the box, so if you would like to see what those are you may want to watch one of Carlo Ople's unboxing videos on his YouTube channel or the one I embedded below. But basically, unlike the realme 3 which is marketed as a budget camera phone, it appears that the Realme 3 Pro will be aimed more at the mobile gamers in the Philippine market.

Now after seeing what's inside the Realme Gaming Mystery Box, I am starting to think "Are these going to be the freebies that will come with the Realme 3 Pro for those who will pre-order the device? What do you guys think? To me, if this is the case, this will be very exciting especially if they price the Realme 3 Pro pretty aggressively, like what they did with the non-Pro model. That hoody jacket is definitely for the win!

As previously posted on this blog, the Realme 3 Pro will be officially launched in the Philippines this coming May 17th. You can learn more about this device in my separate post here. Comparing to the current Realme 3 (see unboxing here and initial impressions here), the Pro variant has a lot of upgrades that many fans will be excited about, one of those is the VOOC 3.0 Fast Charge tech.

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