So What's Going to Happen Now with Our Huawei Smartphones?

Most likely, you have already heard about one of the biggest news in the tech world today that Google is officially banning Huawei from using its software products, such the Google Play, GMail, Maps, YouTube and even security updates. Now what does it mean for Huawei? It means from now on, they are not allowed to have access to these systems for their upcoming smartphone offerings. And this is effective immediately. Huawei can still use the Android OS though through open source license, but from someone who is outside of China, an Android smartphone without official access to the Google Play and its services? It does not sound so nice, right? But what about for current Huawei users?

Now some rumors started going around the internet as soon as the news broke out, thanks to Reuters, suggest that even the existing Huawei smartphones will no longer be able to have access to Google Play and some Google products once the ban is in place. Well, that is actually not true. So don't start getting rid of or selling your Huawei smartphones today simply because of this news.

According to a latest statement coming from Google itself though its Twitter account, everything will continue to work as usual with our current Huawei phones.

The blacklisting of Huawei also means that future smartphones of Huawei will no longer be allowed to use the said services without explicit approval from the United States government. One of this of course is the Huawei Mate 30 series which is expected to be launched later this year. As of yet, this blacklisting of Huawei by Google, through the orders of the US government, is still in its early stage, so things might still change or at least be slightly modified for the best interest of its users along the way. But for now, that is the case.

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