Meet the new Starbucks Beverages

Just because summer is almost over, kids and students are returning to schools for the school year, and us adults and professionals are back to our daily programming, does not mean that we can't hit pause once in a while and savor the moment. This June, starting on the 4th and for a very limited time, Starbucks is giving each and everyone of us that much-needed detour with refreshing and indulgent beverages that will help us sit still, slow down, and savor its rich flavors.

Meet the new Ultra Caramel Coffee Sphere Frappuccino, an upgrade on the classic Coffee Frappuccino but with a refreshing pop to it - small coffee spheres bursting with Starbucks Brazillian Coffee. This delectable blended beverage is topped with a dollop of whipped cream and even more coffee spheres.

For customers with fruitier cravings will surely love the new Watermelon and Lycee Aloe Frappuccino, a drink that looks and tastes like a slice of watermelon. The zesty blended beverage is made with watermelon juice blended with chia seeds, layers of floral lychee-infused whipped cream, and diced lychee aloe. With stunning layers of red, white, and green, this drink will satisfy both taste buds and their Instagram feed.

 Starbucks Card

A perfect complement to the new summer merchandise is the Natural Whale Card. This quirky card features a whale diving into the ocean with its tail sticking out against the sailor stripe design, available for only a minimum Php1,000 activation.

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