Instagram Launches Anti-Bullying Features

In a campaign against online bullying, Instagram has just launched two new features aiming to help users restrict their problematic followers without them realizing as well as remind commenters if they are about to post something that is considered bullying.

The first feature is simply called Restrict. Once a user puts someone on this list, first off the restricted follower won't get notified, and that their comments on the user's posts who blocks them will only be visible to them. The comments will remain hidden from others until the user approves them. Also, restricted users won't be able to know if the one who restricted them is currently active on the platform and if they sent a direct message, they would not know if it was seen or not.

Now as for the algorithm-driven comment moderation feature, Instagram said that "this intervention gives people a chance to reflect and undo their comment and prevents the recipient from receiving the harmful comment notification." So basically, users who are about to post or comment something that the Instagram's algorithm deemed to be offensive, they get real-time warning first giving them opportunity to stop or modify it before finally posting.


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