Smaller and Cheaper: Nintendo Switch Lite Now Officially Launched

Today, Nintendo made a surprise yet somehow expected announcement that many fans from around the world are so happy and excited to hear about. The much rumored and talked about "mini" version of the highly popular and successful Nintendo Switch console has just been finally made official and its called the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Now why a Lite version is still more exciting than its original sibling that has been around for a couple of years now? First off, apart from being smaller in size and cheaper in price, it is still capable of playing all those original games that the flagship Switch console can play so long they support handheld mode which by the way most of them are. Also, the Nintendo Switch Lite comes in three vibrant color selections - Yellow, Grey, and Turquoise.

The Nintendo Switch Light is dedicatedly built for handheld and on-the-go gaming. So that being said, there are a few differences here that can only be found on the original Switch. For example, it cannot connect to the TV for playing on a much bigger screen and higher resolution, that means it does not support the Switch Dock. Also the Joy-Con are now built right in the Switch Lite and they don't come with HD Rumble and  IR Motion Camera features. Though according to Nintendo, you can still separately buy the Joy-Con in order to play games that require IR Motion Camera such as the 1-2 Switch game. The display on the Lite is smaller at 5.5" versus 6.2" on the Switch, both at 720p still.

So how cheaper this is going to be compared to the original Nintendo Switch? It will be priced $199 when it hits stores this September which translates to about Php10,200 in our currency. That's $100 more affordable than its predecessor.

In case you wonder, the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite will both exist on the market.

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