Save More Data and Storage Space with the New Spotify Lite App

Spotify has just launched a brand new and simplified version of its music streaming app simply called Spotify Lite, allowing Android smartphone users to save on data consumption and storage space on their devices.

Similar to the regular version of the app, users of this Spotify Lite will still be able to search, listen, save, and share songs and playlist they listen to as well as discover new releases. The main difference is that it is now much smaller in terms of its size coming in at only 10MB as opposed to the original's 100MB. There is also a new option to limit the amount if data it can consume  and get notified when reached which many users will greatly appreciate. Of course there are huge differences between the two but the core of its services and experience Spotify delivers are still here in the Lite version.

In addition to being so lite and so small, the Spotify Lite app can also be downloaded to older versions of Android system, as old as Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. This app is also promised to work really well in areas with slower internet connection. 

What's more is the Spotify Lite is available both to paying and non-paying users in 36 countries, and yes that includes the Philippines. If you want to download this app, you can now head to Google Play and hit download.


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