DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Smartphone Gimbal Announced Now More Compact

DJI has just launched a brand new product under its gimbal series of smartphone stabilizers. The device is officially and simply called the Osmo Mobile 3 and it's the third generation of the Osmo Mobile lineup with additional new features both in the hardware and software departments for a smoother video recording experience. But the main highlight of this device is it is now foldable which translates to lesser space it requires for storing and carrying making it the most compact and easiest to carry around compared to the previous two generations.

The Osmo Mobile 3's buttons have been streamlined as well, according to DJI, so the gimbal is now more optimized for one-hand use. Also the folding mechanism, apart from making the device more compact than ever before, gives way to access to ports that allows users to either charge the phone while in use or attach accessories like external microphones. For charging the gimbal, it now uses USB-C port and on a single charge it can last up to 15 hours of use, DJI added. There's also a USB port right near the handle that is super usable as it does not only allow users to charge the smartphone attached to it but also other devices.

One of the main complaints of users with the previous versions of the Osmo Mobile is they were not well optimized for switching orientations. DJI heard that and they addressed it with the Osmo Mobile 3. So switching between portrait and landscape modes has now been improved a lot. To switch modes, all users have to do is tap the "mode" button two times and the Osmo Mobile 3 will change orientation automatically and much faster. No need for users to manually adjust (remove and re-attach) the phone's orientation anymore.

On the software and features side, it offers a couple new cool modes such as the Active Track 3.0 that tracks fast moving objects and Story Mode that offers automatic editing of video clips with background music and all, perfect for beginners, and it now supports gestures. The Hyperlapse and Timelapse are also supported by the Osmo Mobile 3 with 180-degree panorama and selfies with gestures. All of these and some other incredible features can be used via the DJI Mimo mobile app.

Overall the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 offers a much more seamless and smooth video recording experience. With just use of the buttons with one hand, users can easily switch modes and keep on capturing the actions without any interruptions.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 will soon be available in the Philippines in standard edition. A combo set will release as well for an additional cost which will include a tripod and a carrying case. According to a recent post from Henry's Professional on Facebook, the stabilization gimbal will be available through them very soon for Php6,300 (standard) and Php7,600 (combo).
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