DugomPinoy is Back in Manila!

After living in the great and amazing city of Davao for the last six years, I am finally back here in Manila. As a blogger, living in Davao has brought this blog tons of opportunities, fun memories and experiences, and myself great friends not just in the blogging community but also from brand partners all around the Philippines. There I met like-minded people who are into blogging and providing information and value to the online community - the Davao Bloggers Society. Without this organization, a huge part of my blogging hobby and close to a thousand posts of this DugomPinoy blog will not be as they are right now. #DBStheBEST indeed!

DugomPinoy is managed by myself Robert Villamor, started as a personal blog as early as 2008 and turned into a tech-slash-geek-slash-personal blog a couple of years after.  Since then, the blog has been producing contents mostly related to tech stuff such as smartphones, computers, news about upcoming and most-anticipated gadgets, product reviews, tutorials, and more. Still from time to time I post about personal stuff such as experiences, travels, food, and all-things geek. I am a huge Game of Thrones and Marvel Cinematic Universe fan and a Netflix addict, if that's still a term.

Now in 2019, I am bringing DugomPinoy with me back to Manila hoping to grow it more, create more content for its readers and followers, as well as meet new people in the blogging industry. Preparing to take this blog to the next level.

Additionally, even though I still have a lot to learn and improve on this field, I am also planning on working on my YouTube channel. Apparently YouTube is even bigger now as more and more people are switching to video format type of content, I guess it's time for me to test it out as well and grow in there as well as reach more users and deliver value to their tech lifestyle. So watch out for that, and make sure to follow DugomPinoy on YouTube in case you haven't.

Contact me.

For product reviews, event invites, or even collaboration and advertisement opportunities, you may contact me via email at dugompinoy@gmail.com. Please follow DugomPinoy on Facebook and Instagram too @dugompinoy.

Thanks and see you!
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