Foldable Huawei Mate X Release Date Pushed Back Once Again

It was initiall slated for a June release and then was suddenly pushed back to a September launch date. However, according to the latest and exclusive report coming from TechRadar, it appears that Huawei's foldable smartphone/tablet Mate X's arrival to the market will be once again be delayed at least until November of this year.

TechRadar confirmed this news from Huawei itself through a press event that the Chinese company held in Shezhen, China today. Unfortunately, no additional reasons were provided as to why the delay again and there was even no exact date when the Mate X will eventually see the light of day apart from it will certainly be launched "before the end of 2019."

If indeed Huawei does not make it for a September release, Samsung will beat them to the punch in coming out the first foldable smartphone in the market next month as the South Korean giant is currently expected to unleash the Galaxy Fold this September.
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