See These Leaked Images of the Upcoming GoPro Hero 8

For the very first time, leaked images of the alledged upcoming GoPro Hero 8 have appeared online courtesy of Photo Rumors. These images give us a quick glimpse of what to expect on the next and eigth generation version of the GoPro currently being referred to as the Hero 8. The website even added that these new action cameras, assuming we will still get the usual Silver and White siblings alongside the Black variant, will be announced to the world as early as September this year.

As what we can see in the images, it appears that GoPro has completely redesigned the Hero 8 allowing users to attach external accessories to it like a microphone, LED light, and even an external camera. So apart from active and outdoor users, this eight-gen action camera will also be more attractive to content creators or vloggers more than ever before.

As for its video recording capabilities, the rumors suggest that it will still retain the 4K capabilities but with a much exciting updates. From 60fps or frames-per-second video recording at 4K, the Hero 8 will be enabled to do up to 120fps while 1080p clips can reach as high as 480fps.

In addition, Photo Rumors mentioned that the GoPro Hero 8 will be powered by the company's newest home-grown processor called GP2. If that's the case then we can expect a much better performance from this upcoming generation compared to already-powerful one found on the GoPro Hero 7.

Source: Photo Rumors
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