iOS users can now Purchase from App Store, iTunes and More and Charge to their Smart Postpaid Bill or Prepaid Load

Definitely a good news for all iOS users and Smart subscribers in the Philippines as they can now make their purchases or pay subscriptions from the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music using their Apple devices and simply charge the cost to their Smart postpaid bill or Smart prepaid load through the telco's Carrier Billing service. This makes the transaction safe, secure, and more convenient for Apple users as none of their billing information is shared to any party.

Signing up with carrier-billing service is very easy using their unique Apple ID in the process. All iOS users have to do is select "Mobile Phone" as mode of payment in the settings of their App Store, Apple Music, and iTunes accounts using their Apple-branded device or devices.

Once the Mobile Phone is setup as default mode of payment, all future purchases associated with the Apple ID will automatically be charged to their monthly postpaid bill or prepaid load. Also, the selected payment method will automatically configure with other devices that use the same Apple ID and that includes not just iPhone devices but also iPod, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

This new service for Smart Communications' iOS users enables them to make app or in-app purchases as well as payments to movies, music, TV shows, Apple Music subscriptions and iCloud storage transitions.

Source: Smart Communications
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