OPPO Will Soon Launch its Own Smartwatch

For quite sometime now, OPPO has been one of the leaders in smartphone innovation not just in China but also around the globe including the Philippines. But soon, the Chinese company will be joining the smartwatch race as the company's very own vice president Shen Yiren confirmed through his Weibo social media account that OPPO is currently working on a smartwatch that's going to be square in shape.

Once released, which according to Yiren is currently planned to go official sometime in 2020, the said OPPO smartwatch will be its first ever wrist-worn smart gadget to date and will be joining the likes of Apple, Huawei, and Samsung in the smartwatch race.

As of the moment, only those details are known about this newly-confirmed OPPO-made smartwatch. We don't even know yet if this will be a China-exclusive first device or if it will make its way to the international scene as well. Most likely it will use Google's Wear OS platform, an OS created by Google dedicated for wearables, or it's possible as well that OPPO will develop its own OS for the said smartwatch, who knows.

While the OPPO smartwatch won't be out until next year, perhaps not until during the Mobile World Congress 2020, OPPO confirmed that they are going to release again OPPO-branded pair of noise-cancelling wireless headphones by the end of this year.
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