PayMaya's Scan-To-Pay Feature Gives You A Chance to earn up to Php1,000 Cashback

PayMaya has been offering different kinds of cashback rewards this month alone giving its users more reasons to enjoy using their service such as with buying prepaid loads within the app, paying their purchases online, and even buying things from the physical stores such as groceries and get rewarded all at the same time. Apart from the up to 100% cashback reward program, there is another one where users can score up to Php1000 rebate on their PayMaya account when they complete their purchases at physical stores using PayaMaya's Scan-To-Pay feature.

Upgraded and non-upgraded PayMaya users can take advantage of this offer but the upgraded accounts have more chances of earning the Php1,000 rebate. Qualified users can earn up to 100% (10% for non-upgraded) or maximum of Php1,000 cashback per transaction. See below for more details.

Upgraded users may earn oen of the following:
100% cashback
10% cashback
1% cashback

Non-upgraded users may one of the following:
10% cashback
1% cash back

In order to qualify for this promo, a single transaction should cost at least Php200, paid using the Scan-to-Pay or QR code feature, and the purchase is done at any PayMaya's partner merchants. The promo runs from August 6 until 31.

To learn more about this promo you can visit PayMaya website here.
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