Realme's Own RealmeOS Is Coming to their Smartphones Soon

Up until this very moment, all of Realme's smartphones are being powered by OPPO's ColorOS mobile operating system. Most likely even the upcoming Realme 5 series that are about to be laucnhed on August 20 in India will run on the same OS. But that will change soon as the company's CEO in India Madhav Sheth has just confirmed that they are currently working on their own smartphone operating system being referred to as the RealmeOS.

This big reveal was confirmed by Sheth himself through an interview with India Today saying that OPPO's ColorOS software will soon be replaced by the OS that is being developed by them. Unfotunately, nothing more was shared after that. We don't even know yet what to expect from this new OS, when it will be officially launched, and if the current Realme smartphones will also be updated to this RealmeOS. It was mentioned by Sheth though that they have been listening to their customers about what they like and want in the their software, so many decisions on developing this RealmeOS will be based on users feedback. We will have to wait a little longer for more details in the future.

India Today added that the RealmeOS might be based on the upcoming Android Q platform which Google is currently planning to formally roll out to partners and developers before the year ends. That being said, this means we can expect the RealmeOS to come out either at the end of the year or by early next year.

Source: India today
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