Redmi Will Launch the Note 8 Series and a 70" Smart TV On August 29

Redmi has been on a roll since becoming an official sub-brand of Xiaomi. They first entered the smartphone business with entry level devices that were a huge hit as soon as they hit store shelves, then followed by midrange and premium devices which was all welcomed with positive reviews. Today, Redmi is set to take the center stage once again in China to announce its newest offerings. Apart from the much anticipated and talked about Redmi Note 8 series, the company has just also confirmed that they are also entering in the smart TV scene. Since their parent company has been in the smart TV business and doing really good, why not them as well?

According a Weibo post of Redmi CEO Lu Weibing, they are to formally launch the Note 8 series and a massive 70-inch Redmi TV on August 29, 2019 in China.

When it comes to the Redmi Note 8 and the rumored Note 8 Pro, while there are almost nothing official has been released by the company, a ton of talks and unconfirmed reports have been flooding the internet recently surrounding this upcoming series. Some are even conflicting with each other so we really have to wait until Redmi makes the official announcement to avoid confusion and misinformation.

The Redmi TV on the other hand, aside from the mentioned 70-inch screen size and the official name as Redmi TV, no other details has been released so far by Redmi as well. Of course we assume it's going to be a Smart TV capable of connecting to the internet, possibly equipped with 4K technology and some other features that a typical smart TV offers these days and who knows maybe Redmi has a big surprise up their sleeves with their first ever smart TV offering.
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